Types of online pokies

Types of online pokies

Pokies or slots have been among the most popular casino games all over the world. They date long back in history, and they have undergone a number of modifications and changes throughout the years. From “one-armed bandits” to pokies machines with modern design and touch screens, these machines have been installed not only in casinos, but also in many bars and pubs that are generally not related to gambling. In the modern era, when Internet is considered to be one of the essential aspects of everyday life, pokies have evolved to the point when they can be played on desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

And just like their land-based counterparts, mobile pokies are also very popular and they come in a variety of themes and designs.

There are heaps of mobile pokies games to choose from and they will keep you entertained for weeks if not months as there is so many games to learn and explore.

There are, as already mentioned, various designs of online pokies. Therefore, we have retro-looking “one-armed bandits” or fruit machines, where you pull a lever or hit a button with a click of a mouse. There are also much more advanced versions, themed according to movies, novels, video games or cartoons, rich in details and options for playing. Aside from different designs, online pokies can come with a different number of reels, 3, 5 or 7 being the most common ones.

Online pokies can easily be found on online casino websites, and there is no website of this kind that does not offer online pokies machines. After creating an account and placing the deposit, there are different ways of accessing the pokies games:

1. Web-based pokies – the first and the easiest to access when you decide to play online pokies are those you can find online, through the browser of your PC. These pokies are available for playing after you create an account on the casino’s website and place a certain deposit. They can be accessed either from the browser you use on a PC, but it is also possible to play many of these browser-based games using your mobile phone or other portable device.

2. Software-based pokies – playing these pokies usually takes a few extra steps when it comes to accessing online pokies machines through a PC, but it has its advantages. After you create an account and place the deposit, you will be able to download the casino’s software, which will be connected to your account while you play pokies from your computer. The advantages of this system are that there are usually more types of games to choose, and they can be faster responsive than browser-based pokies.

3. Mobile pokies – many online casinos offer Android or iPhone applications that can be downloaded and connected to the account you have with the casino. Whenever you have Internet access, you can play pokies from your mobile device, and the score is kept on your account, from which you bet the money. In addition to mobile pokies you can connect to the account with the online casino, there are many mobile apps for pokies that require no money or account with an online casino, which means they can be played just for fun and as a pastime.

Many online casinos also offer free trial versions of their pokies and other games, so before you star betting, you will be able to try the games out for free and without any loss.