iPhone pokies

I was having an discussion with a friend the other day. He said that these new cellphones we have are unnecessary. That we became slaves to the modern technologies. And he told me also that earlier phones are much simpler and they were enough for our needs. We could make calls and send messages and that’s it. And if you wanted to relax you could play some games that are simple and satisfying. We agreed on one thing and that is that some older games were more fun and addictive than today’s games. Games like snake or space invaders.

Then we talked a lot about snake. How we earlier played that game a lot and how we compete in high scores. That game was very influencing in gaming mobile world. I have a theory that nokia 3210 was elected as a best phone ever because of that game. Although I loved snake, we must confess that today’s games are simply better. My friend doesn’t realize that because he is an old-fashion man. But how new centuries approached, we faced a lot of changes in the gaming world and we found some new games that could substitute addictiveness of snake. Games like pokies. I play it on my iPhone and I really enjoy it. I told my friend about it, after our argument, and he had to agree with me. How did I convince him you ask? Same way how will I convince you that iPhone pokies are the best.surewinpokies-300x223

If you don’t know what’s this, pokie is a other term for slot machine, and it’s a game that you probably know best as slots or fruits. It’s a fun game and I play it a lot, but I cannot say that I’m addicted to it. It’s really helpful when you are bored and you want to kill some time. But what is great about this iPhone game is variety of pokies. If you bored with one pokie, you can find different one that has graphics and interface that are completely different from the previous one. Don’t forget that you can choose TV theme-based pokies, meaning that you can play your favorite tv show in a form of pokie. So you can bump into Game Of Thrones theme-based pokie, for example.
I personally like Slotomania the most. So if you are type of person that gets bored quick, this is your type of game because you can always replace it with some different type of the same game. There is an option for playing and trying to win some money with this game. If you are interested, you simply go to log in on some online casino site. That’s everyone know to do. And I don’t have some specific site to recommend. Just simply google online casino, and you find some website.